2017 CESTiCC Summer Workshop

August 10, 2017 | Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

Workshop schedule

Workshop schedule

Program Outline


Thursday, August 10 

7:30 pick up at hotel

8-8:30 AM - Registration and Coffee 

8:30-9 AM - Welcoming remarks: Liv Haselbach, Jenny Liu, Balasingam Muhunthan

9-10:20 AM - Lectern Session 1

9-9:20 AM - Graphene Oxide Modified Fly Ash Pervious Concrete - Shi, X & Xu, G.

9:20-9:40 AM - Evaluation and comparison of elastic modulus properties of concrete using embedded and surface bonded PZT sensor/actuator modules - Manawadu, A.K.

9:40-10:00 AM - Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Pervious Concrete using Carbon Fiber Composite Reinforcement - Nassiri, S.

10-10:20 AM - Direct Tension Test Method for Characterization of Tensile Behavior of Ultra High Performance Concrete - Qiao, P.

10:20-10:50 AM - Break 

10:50-12:10 PM - Lectern Session 2

10:50-11:10 AM - Exploratory Study into the Use of Nanotechnology for Reinforcement of Weak Soils - Shi, X.

11:10-11:30 AM - Green Epoxy Resin System Based on Lignin and Tung Oil and Its Application in Epoxy Asphalt - Li, R.

11:30-11:50 AM - Buckling of Sinusoidal Composite Panels under Uniaxial Compression - Pathirana, S. 

11:50-12:10 PM - Field Evaluation of Precutting for Maintaining Asphalt Concrete Pavements with Thermal Cracking - Liu, J.

12:10 - 1:40 PM - Lunch and Student Poster Competition

1:40 - 3:00 PM - Lectern Session 3

1:40-2:00 PM - Exploratory Study into the Use of Nanotechnology for Reinforcement of Weak Soils - Shi, X

2-2:20 PM - Lab Testing of Alternative Deicers and Estimation of Remaining Deicers on Pavement -Fay, L.

2:20-2:40 PM - Evaluation of the Effects of Deicer Chemical Methodologies on Pervious Concrete - Haselbach, L.

2:40-3:00 PM - Freeze-thaw Durability Evaluation of Shotcrete in cold climates - Zhou, Z.

3-3:30 PM - Break

3:30 – 4:30 PM Poster contest award presentations and discussion 

4:30-5:00 PACCAR Pervious presentation

6 PM Post Workshop Dinner at The Birch and Barley*

*Optional. Diners will pay for their meals. Workshop attendees will be asked to RSVP.


Poster Competition

Characterizing Skid Resistance of Pervious Concrete in Various Winter Conditions for Pedestrians and Wheeled - Harry Rodin III

Impact of Cold Climates on Vehicle Emissions: The Cold Start Air Toxics Pulse – Huangfu, Y.

Real-time evaluation of durability characteristics of concrete via time-domain reflectometry – Rengelov, M.

Deicer Chemical Effects on Pervious Concrete: Phase 2 – Ross, M. & Almeida, N.

Optimization of Strength and Durability of Porous Asphalt Pavement – Lim, J.

Coupled CFD-DEM Simulation of Soil Erosion in Impinging Jet Test – Ham, S.

Bio-based Renewable Additives for Anti-icing Applications - Honarvar Nazari, M.


Friday, August 11 – Field Trip

Lab tours on 08/11/17

8:30 to 9:00 am, Concrete Material Characterization Laboratory, PACCAR Environmental Technology Building

9:00 to 10:00, Field demonstration tests of permeable concrete in PACCAR and WSU campus, led by Dr. Haselbach

10:00 to 10:30 Advanced & Sustainable Cementitious Materials lab, First Floor of Sloan Hall

10:30 to 11:00 Composite Materials & Engineering Center, First Floor of Sloan Hall

11:00 to 11:30 Washington Center for Asphalt Technology and Geo lab, Basement of Sloan Hall

End of lab tours

12:00 Picnic lunches can be purchased in route to the Kamiak Butte for the afternoon portion of the field trip.

Kamiak Butte

Named after Chief Kamiakin of the Yakama tribe, the Kamiak Butte has been called a “Natural National Landmark.” The park consists of timberland on the northern slope of the butte, and is an “island” of Precambrian quartzite about 1,000 feet about the surrounding fields. Due to the area’s wheat farming, the butte’s ecological diversity increased, and 170 plant species, 130 bird species, and 30 mammal species have been observed in the park. The main attraction of the park is the 3.5 mile Pine Ridge Trail, which affords spectacular views of the ridge. Bring sneakers or comfortable walking shoes for the hike. Picnic lunches can be purchased at Taco del Mar or Subway on the way to the butte. There is no additional fee for this trip.

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