2016 CESTiCC Summer Workshop

8/12/2016 | Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University, Bozeman MT

Workshop Poster Sessions

Workshop Poster presentations

Methods for Investigating Pervious Concrete Resistance to Calcium Chloride Deicer 
Trace Sendele & Liv Haselbach
Washington State University

Pervious Concrete at WSU - Pullman 
Brandon Werner & Liv Haselbach
Washington State University

Defining a Pervious Concrete Mix and Placement Procedures for Applications in New Regions 
Rafael Batezini, Liv Haselbach & Filipe Curvo
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, University of Washington

Effects of Deicers on Concrete Durability: What We Know and What We Don't Know 
Danny X. Xiao, Sam Owusu-Ababio & Robert L. Schmitt
University of Wisconsin, Platteville

Surficial Treatments of Recycled Concrete Aggregate to Yield Structural Grade Concrete
Daniel Hoffman, Zhengxian Yang & Xianming Shi
Washington State University

An Electron Probe Micro-Analysis Investigation into High-Volume Fly Ash Mortars
Sen Du & Xianming Shi 
Washington State University

Chemical Composition Analysis of Alkali-Glass Powder Reacted Gel 
Shuaicheng Guo, Xiao Sun & Qingli Dai
Michigan Technical University

Laboratory Investigation of Geopolymer Developed from Red Mud at Ambient Temperature
Wei Hu & Baoshan Huang
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Use of Wicking Fabric to Prevent Frost Boil in Alaskan Pavements
Chuang Lin, Wendy Presler, Xiong Zhang, David Jones & Brett Odgera
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Performance of Paving Fabric Reinforced Asphalt Mixture
Jenny Liu & Sheng Zhao
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Generating a Transportation Agency Environmental Impact Database
Quinn Langfitt & Liv Haselbach
Washington State University


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