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Development of Landslide Warning Systems

  • CESTiCC Project Number
    Principal Investigator(s)

    Xiong Zhang

    Project Dates
    • Start: November 2015
    • End: December 2017
  • Funding Agency
    CESTiCC, University of Hawaii at Manoa and UAF
    Project Budget

Project Information

This project will address some key research needs in the development of an early warning system for rainfall-induced landslides, such as the necessity of costly and sophisticated equipment and time-consuming testing process in the characterization of unsaturated soils, development of accurate infiltration-evaporation model, and prediction of slope failure under the influence of rainfall (climatic) events.


For more information, please review the Project Information document.

Project Products

  • Center for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in Cold Climates (CESTiCC)
  • PO Box 75 5900
  • Fairbanks, AK 99775-5900