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An Empirical Model for Optimal Highway Durability in Cold Regions

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    Jia Yan

    Project Dates
    • Start: January 2015
    • End: December 2015
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In cold regions highways are built with great durability in order to reduce road wear not only caused by traffic loadings, but also caused by weather related factors and anti-icing operations during the winter months. Durability of highways can be increased by different ways including thicker pavements, better pavement materials and drainage, and less-corrosive deicing chemicals. The costs of increasing durability are compensated by the reduction in maintenance costs during the life-time of the highway infrastructure. Facing such a trade-off, optimal policy making requires answers to the question: What is the optimal highway durability in cold regions? This project will conduct an economic analysis to the durability problem. The economic analysis will quantify the economic costs of highway durability. The quantitative results will be useful for designing optimal highway pavement and winter maintenance strategies.  

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